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animation.ch: Vision and Versatility in Swiss Animated Film (German and English Edition)

Автор: Christian Gasser
Год: 2012

Страниц: 320
ISBN: 3716516937
The only representative reference work on contemporary Swiss animated film. Never before have so many animated films been made in Switzerland, and never before have they been so internationally successful as today. animation.ch illuminates the development of the Swiss animated film in the last twenty years, considers the present situation and discusses future perspectives.At the center of animation.ch stand conversations with twenty film-makers, who represent the originality and versatility of the Swiss animated film, from the short independent film to television series and feature films but also including the applications of animation in the fine arts and in advertising. With: Anne Baillod, Claude Barras, Francois Chalet, Isabelle Favez, Adrian Fluckiger, Maja Gehrig, Claudius Gentinetta, Samuel und Frederic Guillaume, Zoltan Horvath, Jadwiga Kowalska, Claude Luyet, Yves Netzhammer, Jonas Raeber, Dustin Rees, Izabela Rieben, Marina Rosset, Georges Schwizgebel, Ted Sieger,...
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