Животные и растения

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Animal and Plant Anatomy

Автор: Marshall Cavendish
Год: 2007
Издание: Marshall Cavendish Corporation
Страниц: 1584
ISBN: 0761476628
This set offers an introduction to the external and internal anatomies of 84 organisms. Included are many different life-forms, such as animals, plants, viruses, bacteria, and fungi, although the focus is on mammals. Each volume begins with a comprehensive table of contents. In addition, the first volume offers a thematic outline of the contents that arranges the articles into nine major categories. Articles appear alphabetically by common name for the species being described and average 10 pages in length. The articles begin by detailing the taxonomy of the particular species or group of species. This information is also presented visually, usually in the form of a classification or family tree. Next, a "Featured Systems" box gives a brief outline of the article. Detailed information is then presented on the external anatomy and body systems of the organism, including the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory and respiratory, digestive and excretory, and reproductive systems. Ten...
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