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Anger and Conflict in the Workplace: Spot the Signs, Avoid the Trauma

Автор: Lynne McClure
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 1570231389
Anger and conflict are big issues in today's workplace. Too often, someone at work expresses anger, or gets in conflicts, in ways that range from inappropriate to high-risk. Whether you're a manager, supervisor, employee, or temp, this book will showyou the best and easiest ways to handle your manager's, co-workers', and subordinates' anger -- as well as your own. You'll see the eight inappropriate ways in which too many people express their anger or get into conflicts at work. You'll find out how to keep anger and conflict from escalating. And you'll get seven specific, hands-on skills you can use right away on the job, to turn angry outbursts and conflicts into productive conversations. Anger & Conflict in the Workplace will show you how to make your workplace less stressful and more productive.
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