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An Introductory Guide To EC Competition Law And Practice

Автор: Valentine Korah
Год: 2004
Издание: Hart Publishing
Страниц: 460
ISBN: 1841133973
This is the eighth edition of the most widely respected and oft-referred to textbook on EC competition law and practice. For many years a vade mecum for practising lawyers and law students this book has kept pace with the rapid development of the subject, yet has also sought to give its readers a solid grounding in the basic economic and policy considerations which underpin the law. The clear and readable style of the book ensures that students are given a sound introduction to a subject which can confuse the unwary; and by referring extensively to practice it also gives the student an invaluable insight into how the law works in the real world. For the practitioner, whether novice or experienced, there is an abundance of insight into the arcane workings of the European Commission as well as trenchant comment on its decisions and policies.
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