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An Introduction to Grammar. Traditional, Structural, Transformational

Автор: La E. LaPalombara
Год: 1976
Издание: Winthrop Publisher
Страниц: 452
ISBN: 0876260199
The development of English grammar systems has a long and continuing history. The aim of this book is to trace a large part of that history from its earliest beginnings to the current linguistics scene, and thus the scope of the book is large. Auther has tried to present this material in language comprehensible to the beginning language student. The book is intended as an introductory survey both for the prospective English teacher who needs to know something about the evolution of and revolution in English language study, and for the general reader who is fascinated by language study and wants to know more about its intellectual history. The reader should understand that the "correct" approach to grammar study and the proper philosophy about human nature and human use of language have never been and probably never will be established for all time. No one approach has remained entirely unquestioned, even in its heyday. And that is as it should be....
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