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Amazing Birds: A Treasury of Facts and Trivia about the Avian World

Автор: Roger Lederer
Год: 2007
Издание: Barron's Educational Series
Страниц: 160
ISBN: 0764135937
For lovers of birds and trivia, this captivating book features a wealth of fascinating facts, figures, and folklore about our feathered friends. It's beautifully illustrated throughout with colorful artworks, photographs, and diagrams. Over 400 nuggets of information drawn from nature, science, history, and mythology are sure to astound, amuse, and entertain. Find the answers to these burning questions: How light is a feather? Are owls really wise? Why do birds migrate? How do they know where to go? Be amazed by the weird world of these winged wonders, from the largest ever recorded egg - equivalent to 220 chicken eggs - to the world's strangest bird, which has claws on its wings. Includes practical advice such as how to attract birds to your garden and how to teach a parrot to talk, and encourages a new appreciation of these awesome creatures of the air. Birds are the most homogeneous and recognizable of all animal groups - they all have...
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