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Alpha Teach Yourself Accounting in 24 Hours, 2nd Edition (Alpha Teach Yourself)

Автор: Carol Costa, C. Wesley Addison
Год: 2006

Страниц: 368
ISBN: 1592575021
Be a pro in no time Ideal for bookkeepers, accounting clerks, and small business owners, this practical guide goes beyond general accounting principles to teach readers how to prepare and manage their companies' books. In this new edition, readers will find completely revised and updated information on handling sales and services, and updated tax information reflecting changes in the tax code. ? Perfect for the many practicing accountants who are unlicensed bookkeepers, accounting clerks, and small business owners ? There are 3.1 million accountants, bookkeepers, and accounting clerks in the U.S. ? There are an estimated 23 million small business owners in the U.S., many of whom manage their own books
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