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AK47 Assault Rifle: The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction

Автор: Nigel Bennett
Год: 2010
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 158
ISBN: 0752453890
The AK47 assault rifle is the worlda??s most prolific and iconic weapon withA more thanA 80 million produced. Today, the largest threat the armies of theA U.S., U.K.,A and NATO are faced with is not nuclear, biological,A or chemical weapons but mana??s real weapon of mass destruction, the AK47. Much of what is written about it, both in books and in the general media, is out of date, technically wrong, incomplete, and hard to understand. Nigel Bennett sets out to truly demystify the AK47 in an easy to read and see format. He takes the reader through the three original basic models of Soviet design?the AK47, the AKM, and the AK74?and then the vast differing worldwide production models. The book gives in-depth coverage of the internal workings of the AK47, highlighting what makes it the "perfect" killing machine.
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