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Agile Systems With Reusable Patterns of Business Knowledge: A Component-Based Approach (Artech House Computing Library)

Автор: Amit Mitra
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 416
ISBN: 1580539882
Book DescriptionDriven by the need for global excellence and customer value, agility and innovation have become imperative for business. However, most business process engineering and information system approaches address only operational efficiency and economics. This unique book closes this gap. It shows you how innovation can be systematized with normalized patterns of information. You learn how business processes and information systems can be tightly aligned and how they can automatically adapt to change by re-configuring shared patterns of knowledge. The book combines world class experience from industry with the best in academic experience and leading edge research. It helps you design business processes and systems that are both agile and adaptable, coordinate integration of information across supply chains and extended enterprises, reduce time-to-market, and improve computer aided systems engineering and computer aided process engineering tools. Moreover, the book offers...
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