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Agile Energy Systems: Global Lessons from the California Energy Crisis (Elsevier Topics in Global Energy Economics, Regulation and Policy)

Автор: Woodrow Clark, Ted Bradshaw
Год: 2004

Страниц: 510
ISBN: 0080444482
* Empowering decision makers by setting the vision for a new approach to energy systems and providing the tools and plans to achieve these objectives * Provides specific and actionable public policy and programme tools * Help solve energy issues worldwide by illustrating how the lessons learned from the California energy crisis can be used to create an agile energy system for any region in a country Due to the recent catastrophic energy system failures in California along with those in the North-Eastern US and Southern Canada, London, and Italy, the time has come to proclaim the failure of deregulation, privatization or liberalization and propose a new energy system. This book shows in the first section, how five precipitating forces led to the deregulation debacle in California: (1) major technological changes and commercialization, (2) regulatory needs mismatched to societal adjustments, (3) inadequate and flawed economic...
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