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After Miscarriage: Medical Facts and Emotional Support for Pregnancy Loss

Автор: Krissi Danielsson
Год: 2008
Издание: Harvard Common Press
Страниц: 240
ISBN: 1558323546
As women and their partners grieve over a lost pregnancy, they often search for answers to questions such as: Why did this happen? How can I keep it from happening again? How can I deal with so much sadness? Can I stand to face another pregnancy? Author Krissi Danielsson found herself asking these same questions when she experienced three consecutive miscarriages, and now she has written After Miscarriage, a supportive book of expertly reviewed advice from medical professionals, stories from women who have miscarried, inspiring messages from couples, and a chapter just for dads. It addresses all of the medical and emotional issues that may accompany miscarriage, including when to seek testing, how to choose the right doctor, when to try for another pregnancy, and how to deal with anxiety. After Miscarriage is an invaluable resource that will help women and their partners answer those difficult questions and move forward after a pregnancy loss.
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