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Advances in Judo Biomechanics Research: " Modern Evolution on Ancient Roots" Photos by David Finch and by Tamas Zahonyi IJF Archive by Courtesy of IJF President

Автор: Attilio Sacripanti
Год: 2010
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 364
ISBN: 3639105478
This textbook,updated and revised edition of "Biomeccanica del Judo" edited 1988,is divided in two parts Biomechanics and Judo. Biomechanics part is intriguing, presenting the last knowledge that perhaps display doubts about the limits of the actual conditioning practice. Judo part presents a review of the most important scientific advances carried out in the world. There is also performed a deep analysis on changes evolved in Judo after the first edition: the Russian Style analysis compared to the Japanese one, the most important technical classifications and teaching methodologies born in the world, a careful study of competition evolution, point of interest for coaches and athletes. After an analysis of most important parameters in competition, the final part describe Judo "Match Analysis" tools and applications. Three very advaced appendices show how man and judo sport are scientifically complexes. This global effort on Judo biomechanics presents very difficult...
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