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Advances in Image Understanding

Автор: Kevin W. Bowyer
Год: 1996
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 358
ISBN: 9780818676444
This volume of original papers has been assembled to honor Azriel Rosenfeld, a dominant figure in the field of computer vision and image processing for over 30 years. Over this period he has made many fundamental and pioneering contributions to nearly every area in this field. Azriel Rosenfeld wrote the first textbook in the field in 1969 and was the founding editor of its first journal in 1972. The contributions in this book illustrate the change that have occurred in dealing with crucial research problems and the methodologies employed to solve them. The 22 papers specifically written for this text are by only a handful of researchers who have known and worked with Azriel over the years. These papers address five major themes: image segmentation, feature extraction, 3D shape estimation from 2D images, object recognition, and applications technologies.
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