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Advances in Global Leadership, Volume 2

Автор: W. Mobley, M.W. McCall
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ISBN: 0762307234
Hardbound. The global shortage of effective business leaders makes urgent the search for new insights about the nature of global leadership and the best means of developing such leaders. Advances in Global Leadership is a response to this urgent need. The rapid globalization of the economy places business leaders in new and demanding international settings and requires them to work across cultures. Advances in Global Leadership presents original papers on the psychology of global leadership and the development of international and global leaders. Chapters are authored by academics, business leaders and consultants from throughout the world who have new insights into global leadership. This, the second Volume in this major series, continues the highstandards set by the widely acclaimed Volume 1. Volume 2 contains chapters by authors from Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong and the United States. Virtual/distance leadership; leading al
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