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Advanced Visual Basic 6 : Power Techniques for Everyday Programs, Book w/CD-ROM (The DevelopMentor Series)

Автор: Matthew J. Curland
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ISBN: 0201707128
In Advanced Visual Basic 6, leading Visual Basic expert Matthew Curland demonstrates powerhouse techniques programmers can use to write high-performance, robust, and reusable VB code. Readers learn how to leverage the close relationships between VB, COM,and OLE Automation, extending the envelope of VB's capabilities and building high-quality, object-based systems. Key topics include how to: * Control VB array variables explicitly to directly access arbitrary memory locations * Call pointers to standard, cdecl, and class module functions * Aggregate complete interface implementations into any VB object * Override functions on any interface, including those implemented automatically by VB * Turn any user-defined type into a lightweight COM object * Minimize memory usage in systems with a large number of objects * Safely create and manage threads in ActiveX EXEs and DLLs * Interact with messages to customize windowed and windowless UserControl...
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