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Advanced Quality Planning: A Commonsense Guide to Aqp and Apqp (Productivity's Shopfloor)

Автор: D.H.,Ph.D Stamatis
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 156327258, 156327258X, 156327258X
This is the first book dedicated to explaining the total advanced quality planning process with clarity and detail, especially as it pertains to the "Big Three's" standardized approach. Advanced Quality Planning: A Commonsense Guide to AQP and APQPclarifies and itemizes the requirements of Chrysler, GM, and Ford, as well as the majority of the Tier I suppliers. It provides a list of exactly what they would like to see implemented in their supplier's processes, enhancing the ability to develop and produce products and systems that will satisfy their customers. The book also provides a detailed look at the basic and higher advanced quality planning concepts in a practical and easy-to-understand format so that both the novice and experienced user will be able to apply AQP appropriately and effectively. The author, D.H. Stamatis, takes you step-by-step through the advanced quality planning methodology providing you with an overview and discussion of the role of teams in AQP,...
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