Adobe Illustrator. Графический редактор (векторный)

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Adobe Illustrator Idea Kit

Автор: Barbara Mulligan, Jerome Holder
Год: 2003
Издание: Adobe Press
Страниц: 150
ISBN: 0321205448
If you're ready to be inspired, you couldn't pick a better teacher than the team behind many of the design elements in the latest version of Illustrator. Using the templates that ship with the program as a starting point, this beautiful, full-color book teaches a wide range of Illustrator techniques through a series of fun and practical real-world projects--all developed by master illustrators Jerome D. Holder and Barbara J. Mulligan, who created much of the artwork that ships with Illustrator. After covering some Illustrator basics, Adobe Illustrator CS Idea Kit focuses on a series of projects, each of which hones in on a particular aspect of Illustrator through step-by-step instructions, variations (which allow you to customize the projects), and special design tips and tricks. At every point along the way, you'll find an illustration, photo, or screenshot that illuminates the discussion and provides further inspiration. By the end of the kit, you will have created a logo, business...
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