Adobe Illustrator. Графический редактор (векторный)

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Adobe Illustrator CS Creative Studio, Techniques for Digital Artists

Автор: Luanne Seymour Cohen
Год: 2004
Издание: Adobe Press
Страниц: 344
ISBN: 0321220447
There's nothing better than learning at the feet of a master-especially if that lesson takes place where, when, and at whatever pace you desire! Lucky for you, if you're an intermediate or advanced Illustrator user, you have just such an option in this instructive and inspirational guide. In these pages, one of the few true Illustrator masters-former Adobe Creative Director Luanne Seymour Cohen - offers all the advanced tips and techniques you need to use Adobe's popular graphics program in ever more exciting ways. In addition to honing in on Illustrator CS' most dazzling new features-improved type capabilities, the artistically gratifying Scribble Effect, powerful 3D graphics tools, enhanced PDF support, and more - Luanne shows you just how far you can take Illustrator's many advanced capabilities to create the kinds of graphics you used to only dream about. Using beautiful four-color artwork to inspire and a series of project-based lessons and exercises as the jumping-off point,...
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