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Adding International Terrorism into the Statute of the ICC

Автор: Dildora Djuraeva
Год: 2011
Издание: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Страниц: 116
ISBN: 9783847300991
When I chose the topic for my LLM thesis I surmised terrorist attacks, the world's greatest challenge in the contemporary security scene, is a notion of hardly clear-cut nature. I shall confess that a hero for one can often be an aggressor for another and distributing these labels can be an extremely tough exercise. Yet, this is not the aim of the book to assess the level of politicization of judgements; rather it will focus on legal and procedural aspects justifying elevation of terrorism onto international level of justice. Whatever validations are behind, an offence shall not go unpunished allowing those responsible to walk away fearlessly. My belief is that the International Criminal Court is an appropriate forum for adjudication of the crime and a relevant article shall be incorporated into the Rome Statute. This path is challenging and probably, due to its sensitive nature will not be followed instantly and widely. Nevertheless, I am hopeful about positive progress in near...
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