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Active Index Investing: Maximizing Portfolio Performance and Minimizing Risk Through Global Index Strategies

Автор: Steven A. Schoenfeld, Steven A. Schoenfeld
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0471257079
"Here is everything you ever wanted to know about index investing. Steven Schoenfeld has put together a superb set of chapters written by leading practitioners in the investment industry. Both index and active investors will find a wealth of useful information in these pages." ?Burton G. Malkiel Professor of Economics, Princeton University author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street "There is a great fiction in many parts of the investment industry: that indexing is a ?passive? strategy. This book clearly shows why that belief is wrong. Steven Schoenfeld and the broad group of contributors he has assembled lay out a compelling case for why both the management and use of index funds are very active processes. "Steven is a thought leader in the investment management field, and now he has provided a book that makes his knowledge available to everyone. Anyone involved with money management will want to read this book. It will become a standard...
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