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Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions

Автор: Taz Tally, Taz Tally Ph.D.
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ISBN: 0782142737
PDF is the dominant document exchange format and Adobe Acrobat is a tremendously powerful product. Yet many users fail to realize the full capabilities of the technology. In Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions, Taz Tally, a highly sought-after instructor and author, reveals new practical ways to take advantage of Acrobat 6 and the PDF format. This unique book offers solutions for all kinds of Acrobat users as it covers topics from implementing an effective PDF workflow to getting files ready for print to creating catalogs, interactive forms, ebooks, multimedia presentations, and web pages. The rich software component includes tryout versions of popular 3rd-party solutions as well as example files that support the book's projects. And, you get all this in a premium quality, full-color package.
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