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Achieve IELTS 1: English for International Education: Student's Book: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate

Автор: Louis Harrison, Caroline Cushen
Год: 2008
Издание: Marshall Cavendish
Страниц: 168
ISBN: 9780462007472
Achieve IELTS is a two level course for students who wish to take the IELTS examination in order to study at an English-medium academic institution. The books recognise the students' real aims and ambitions by preparing them for student life as well as the examination itself. Achieve IELTS course has a genuine academic focus practising exam questions and developing exam skills within 12 themed units. The rubrics closely follow IELTS style questions and tasks are graded from partial, less demanding questions to full test questions. Topics are centred on UK and Australian institutions and culture with a learner development and pronunciation syllabus in the workbook.
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