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Accenture's Manufacturing Guru: A Common Man, An Uncommon Life

Автор: Roy L Harmon
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 528
ISBN: 1595946918
Prior to Roy L. Harmon's creation of an entirely new manufacturing process/factory practice, Accenture was primarily a firm of computer information consultants. Most consulting projects entailed "improved information" with too little regard to the impact on clients' profitability. Harmon demanded that his new manufacturing projects radically increase the profitability of operations and that actual results be compared and evaluated against original expectations. Paltry improvements of 5 or 10 percent were not acceptable. His consultant and client teams were expected to design and achieve improvements up to 50 percent or more! This hardheaded, business-like approach led Accenture to reassess its core information systems business and to eventually establish a new information methodology geared to increased, tangible profit generation. The new way of doing business tied the Firm's fees to its achievement on behalf of its clients. Thus, clients were able to pay consulting fees out...
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