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Accelerated Quality and Reliability Solutions

Автор: Lev Klyatis, Eugene Klyatis
Год: 2005

Страниц: 544
ISBN: 0080449247
Drawing of real-world issues and with supporting data from industry, this book overviews the technique and equipment available to engineers and scientists to identify the solutions of the physical essence of engineering problems in simulation, accelerated testing, prediction, quality improvement, and risk during the design, manufacturing, and maintenance stages. For this goal the book integrates Quality Improvement and Accelerated Reliability/ Durability/ Maintainability/Test Engineering concepts. The book includes new and unpublished aspects in quality: - complex analysis of factors that influence product quality, and other quality development and improvement problems during design and manufacturing ; in simulation: - the strategy for development of accurate physical simulation of field input influences on the actual product a system of control for physical simulation of the random input influences a methodology for selecting a representative input region for accurate simulation...
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