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Abi's Story

Автор: J Teferra
Год: 2006
Издание: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 124
ISBN: 9781847470096
by Jember Teferra ISBN 13: 978 1 84747 009 6 Published: 2006 Pages:135 Description Written by his mother, this is the tragic story of Abi, a young man from Ethiopia who took his own life after a battle against mental illness. Abi escaped the horror of Ethiopia's Marxist military revolution, this book provides a unique insight into the psychological trauma suffered by the victims of war. This original and extraordinarily moving book charts Abi's life in words and pictures and attempts to make sense of his tragic death. About the Author Dr Jember Teferra was Abi's mother. This book was written by her and her family in Abi's memory. Dr Jember Teferra set up a trust to fund research into the psychological problems of the victims of war. Her aim was to help people in a similar position to her son. She also wants to provide more insight into this area and inform psychiatrists of this type of...
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