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Abel Ferrara: The Moral Vision

Автор: Brad Stevens
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 368
ISBN: 190325406, 190325406X, 190325406X
Book DescriptionFrom The Driller Killer - originally banned in Britain - to Bad Lieutenant, The King of New York and beyond, Abel Ferrara's films have attracted controversy for their extreme SUBJECT: matter and admiration for their fine acting The authorbelieves that Ferrara is among the most important cultural figures of our time: Harvey Keitel, Christopher Walken, Madonna, Willem Dafoe, Matthew Modine and Ice-T have all given their finest performances under his direction--and there is a generous and passionate morality pulsing beneath Ferrara's extreme imagery. This comprehensive book contains * a wealth of biographical information * chapters on every film, television episode and music video * comparisons with key figures in cinema and literature * interviews with Ferrara's most important collaborators, Joe Delia, Ken Kelsch and Asia Argento * notes on variant versions of Ferrara?s films * a list of unrealized projects. * many rare stills and photos * Foreword by Ferrara
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