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A Writer's Guide to the Internet

Автор: Trevor Lockwood, Karen Scott
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0749004444
Trevor Lockwood and Karen Scott The Internet is the world?s fastest-growing means of communication. For writers, it presents a huge array of opportunities and choices. This authoritative guide will help every writer, from the seasoned Netizen tothe technophobe, to make the most of this exciting new medium. Complete with comprehensive and up-to-date listings of the very best online writers? resources, A Writer?s Guide to the Internet offers practical, jargon-free advice on: - How to make money from your writing online - Submitting your work to publishers electronically - Publishing your novel on the Internet - Marketing and promoting your work - Making contact with other writers - E-mail, mailing lists and networking - Selling non-fiction articles to online magazines - Website creation and maintenance - Using the Internet to research your subject.
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