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A Wild Sheep Chase

Автор: Haruki Murakami
Год: 2004
Издание: Vintage, Random House, Inc.
Страниц: 300
ISBN: 0099448777, 9780099448778
His life was like his recurring nightmare: a train to nowhere. But an ordinary life has a way of taking an extraordinary turn. Add a girl whose ears are so exquisite that, when uncovered, they improve sex a thousand-fold, a runaway friend, a right-wing politico, an ovine-obsessed professor and a manic-depressive in a sheep outfit, implicate them in a hunt for a sheep, that may or may not be running the world, and the upshot is another singular masterpiece from Japan's finest novelist. A remarkable writer...he captures the common ache of the contemporary heart and head Jay Mclnerney It begins as a detective novel, dips into a screwball comedy, and at its close becomes a tale of possession... A highly accomplished piece of craftsmanship New Yorker How does Murakami manage to make poetry while writing of...
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