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A Quick Approach to Result Grading using Microsoft Excel 2007: Microsoft Excel 2007 For Tertiary Institutions Result Computation

Автор: Chukwu Jeremiah
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 56
ISBN: 3659264687
The computer has indeed come to stay as an indispensable tool in offices, businesses, industry, school and government towards the enhancement of operational effectiveness. Many people are aware of this fact and there is an urgent need for a well-articulated high technological programme for our people. The need at this time for good books, which present succinctly and in an easily digestible manner, the key issues in effective tertiary result grading using Microsoft Excel 2007, cannot be over emphasized. Many textbook and E-books dealt with Microsoft Excel 2007 very well especially E-book on Excel 2007 bible by John Walkenbach but Microsoft Excel 2007 Programme for Effective Tertiary Institution Result Grading has come to ease tertiary institutions of some difficulties usually experienced in grading their studentsa?? results through its step-by-step approach. The author understanding the impact of computer application packages in tertiary institutions result computation and analysis,...
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