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A Practical Guide to Gas Contracting

Автор: Ann O'Hara
Год: [не указано]
Издание: PennWell Books
Страниц: 468
ISBN: 0878147640
Deregulation has brought many changes to the natural gas marketing industry, including hedging activities that have led to new pricing strategies. In this practical guide, author and energy contract law specialist Ann O'Hara takes a comprehensive look at gas contracts and the significant changes they have gone through due, in part, to FERC Order 636 as well as activism of the gas industry Standards Board (GISB). She further explains how gas producers and their customers can take full advantage of these newly modeled gas contracts, making this an essential read for anyone involved in producing, marketing, brokering, and using natural gas. Features and Benefits: Complete history of the gas industry Explanation of the differences between old and new contracts Overview of the changing roles of FERC and state regulators Gain better leverage through understanding the market Make buying and selling gas more efficient and...
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