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A Poverty of Imagination: Bootstrap Capitalism, Sequel to Welfare Reform

Автор: David Stoesz
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ISBN: 0299169502
"A provocative, timely, and thoughtful book that attempts a reconciliation between collectivist responsibility and the reality of America's preference for free-market solutions."-William M. Epstein, University of Las Vegas, author of Children Who Could Have Been and Welfare in America Welfare reform was supposed to end welfare as we know it. And it has. The welfare poor have been largely transformed into the working poor, but their poverty persists. This hard-hitting book takes a close look at where we've gone wrong-and where we might go next if we truly want to improve the lot of America's underclass. Tracing the roots of recent reforms to the early days of the war on poverty, A Poverty of Imagination describes a social welfare system grown increasingly inept, corrupt, and susceptible to conservative redesign. Investigating the causes of the ongoing failure of welfare assistance, Stoesz focuses on the economic barriers that impede movement out of poverty into the American...
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