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A Palace of Pearls

Автор: Jane Miller
Год: 2005
Издание: Copper Canyon Press
Страниц: 96
ISBN: 1556592221
"Book by book, Jane Miller has evolved a mode, a voice, a palette and landscape entirely her own. If she were a painter, one might describe it as a descendant of cubism, a composition of multiple planes and reflections that appears to emerge out of itself, true to laws of its own nature, and yet is disturbingly recognizable, continuously suggestive, intimate and beautiful. Her subject is love and illusion and their revelation about each other."-W. S. Merwin "Reading Jane Miller's poetry is like channel-surfing on acid."-L.A. Weekly Jane Miller is a traveler stimulated by ideas beyond our immediate sphere. In this book-length sequence animated and propelled by a confrontation with her dead father, she meditates on home, love, war and the responsibility of the poet. A Palace of Pearls is inspired by one of the most spectacular civilizations in history, the Arab kingdom of Al-Andalus-a Middle Age civilization where architecture, science and art flourished and...
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