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A Night on the Moor & Other Tales of Dread

Автор: R. Murray Gilchrist
Год: 2006
Издание: Wordsworth Editions Limited
Страниц: 192
ISBN: 1840225416
Robert Murray Gilchrist is perhaps best known for his interest in topography, and for his stories set in Derbyshire's Peak District. But he was also a master of mystery and horror as this richly varied collection shows. If you are looking for a conventional horror story, in which the supernatural element is paramount, try "The Crimson Weaver", "Dame Inowslad", "Witch In-Grain", or "A Night on the Moor". If you are more taken with the psychology of the participants, often allied to a fascination with the killing of friends or lovers, then "Francis Shackerley", "The Noble Courtesan", "Althea Swarthmore", and "My Friend" will be right up your street. For humour; we are offered the Peakland comedy of "The Panicle" or "A Witch in the Peak". And when it comes to love, there are the tragic and poignant tales we might expect ("The Return", "The Lost Mistress", "The Madness of Betty Hooton"), but also the engaging and unusual Bubble Magic - a story of romantic betrayal which hints at a...
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