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A New America?

Автор: Edited by Stephen R. Graubard
Год: 1978
Издание: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Страниц: 350
ISBN: 03930950190
The early 1960s saw in the United States the beginning of roughly a decade and a half of what were commonly perceived to be exceptional times. Events seemed to move with unusual rapidity: national leaders were assassinated; urban violence erupted with ferocity; students left their classrooms for picket-lines and sit-ins; sexual and racial barriers fell, or were pushed over. And, most painfully perhaps, the nation endured the agony of Vietnam and the disgrace of Watergate. The popular view of these years, heightened by the reportage of the mass media, was that it constituted a "new era"-"new" politics led by a "new" generation who had "new" ideals and subscribed to a "new" morality. The purpose of this volume is to look back at those times and to ask whether, in fact, a "new" America did emerge from the preceding fifteen years. Its eighteen distinguished contributors, representing fields as diverse as literary criticism, sociology, medicine, and economics, examine the issue from a...
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