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A Memoir

Автор: Terry de Valera
Год: 2005
Издание: Currach Press
Страниц: 318
ISBN: 185607921, 185607921X, 185607921X
This autobiography by the youngest son of Irish revolutionary and politician Eamon de Valera (1882–1975) is essentially a biography of his parents. The de Valera family has been very closed-lipped about their patriarch, and this tome allows a rare access. Terry got his mother, Sinead, a gifted writer of children's books, to record her life in a notebook. Her comments fill pages here and give a unique view into the development of modern Ireland and the politics that created it. Historians will want to know of the relationship between de Valera and his great rival, Michael Collins. Terry recalls that his mother "was a shrewd judge of character, she said that the British had found a weakness, his Achilles' heel: Collins was too prone to be duped by flattery...." Sinead offers some remarkable details about the Easter Rising of 1916. Terry also relates the incendiary events of December 7, 1941, when Churchill sent de Valera a note with the phrase "a nation once again"—an obvious invitation...
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