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A History of Greek Sculpture

Автор: Alexander S. Murray
Год: 2010
Издание: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 820
ISBN: 1162719931
1880. Contains two volumes in one; From the earliest times down to the age under Pheidias and his successors. With illustrations. Murray, a Scottish archaeologist, was assistant keeper and keeper of Greek and Roman antiquities at the British Museum. From 1894 to 1896 he was in charge of excavations in Cyprus. Among his other writings are Manual of Mythology, Handbook of Greek Archaeology, Terra-Cotta Sarcophagi, and Excavations in Cyprus. Contents Volume One: First Stages in Technical Skill; The Shield of Achilles; Butades, Theodoros, Rhoekos and Glaukos; Early Sculpture in Marble, Ivory and Gold and Fine Woods; Archaic Sculpture; Early Schools of Argos, Sikyon and Aegina; The Sculptures of Aegina, Now in Munich; Archaic Sculpture in Athens; Pythagoras of Rhegium; Myron and the Sculptures of His School; Polykleitos; and The Sculptures of Northern Greece. Contents Volume Two: The Frieze and Metopes of the Parthenon; Pediment Sculptures of the Parthenon; Pheidias; Pupils of Pheidias-The...
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