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A Global Perspective on Real Estate Cycles (The New York University Salomon Center Series on Financial Markets and Institutions, Volume 6)

Автор: Stephen J. Brown, Crocker H. Liu
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ISBN: 0792378083
The real estate industry has been severely affected by recent developments in international capital markets. There has been a decline in real estate investment trust (REIT) share prices, and a decline in capital available for real estate ventures. These setbacks have coincided with serious financial problems of very large hedge funds and other institutional investors in the market for commercial mortgage-backed securities. This volume collects the revised papers first presented at a conference hostedby New York University's Salomon Center on the impact of globalization on real estate business cycles. To this end, the conference offered new insights into the implications of U.S. and global real estate cycles on real estate securities including REITs and mortgage-backed securities as well as direct real estate investment. The most important insight is that the amplitude and frequency of the cycles differ from place to place and time to time. To the extent that this implies that real...
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