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A Framework for Excellence : A Resource Manual for NLP

Автор: Charlotte Bretto Milliner, John Grinder, Charlotte C. Bretto
Год: 1990
Издание: Grinder, DeLozier & Associates.
Страниц: 320
ISBN: 0929514033
This manual is the actual updated and edited Practitioner Manual used by the Grinder, DeLozier & Associates' affiliates in their practitioner trainings, and is a must-have for those with a genuine interest in understanding the intricacies of NLP in practice. A Framework For Excellence is a unique reference for the serious NLP student or practitioner. Replete with worksheets and examples, this book is designed to supplement one's knowledge of NLP and deepen one's understanding of the models and processes utilized by Neurolinguistic Programming. Some of the sections of the book covered are: Representational Systems, Submodalities, Strategies, Language, Rapport, Negotiations. However, Charlotte Milliner's clear prose and illustrative diagrams make this book accessible to those with a genuine interest but with only a rudimentary understanding of NLP. Framework also includes a glossary of terms and a 25-page comprehensive bibliography of NLP and related books, articles and academic studies.
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