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A Difficult Journey: My Battle with Cancer

Автор: Mayte Prida
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 175
ISBN: 1933169036
Book DescriptionMayte Prida provides an honest, unflinching description of her battle with cancer: "It is very difficult to explain how the word "cancer" can change your life so radically. Overnight, my life turned inside out. To face the realities of cancer and possible death isn't easy. But remarkably, I found my outlook on life was greatly enriched. I wanted to write this book to explain that even though I was full of doubts about my future, and very afraid, I found my way to recovery filled with blessings, generous people, and friends. I never felt lonely. My personal experience battling cancer has helped me to become a stronger person and given me an inner peace that's hard to describe. My priorities in life have changed. When you are suddenly faced wtih death, your perspective on life changes dramatically. I hope my story can bring some light, hope, and courage to anyone facing A Difficult Journey. After all, life is worth living!"
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