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A Comparative Analysis between Conventional & Islamic Banking System

Автор: Chaibou Issoufou
Год: 2011
Издание: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Страниц: 100
ISBN: 9783846590911
This book is a comparative analysis between conventional and Islamic banking system on deposit insurance scheme. First, it discusses the historical development of deposit insurance. The book examines the practices in Malaysia in relation to deposit insurance, which include its role in banking and financial stability. It discusses the application of deposit insurance in conventional and Islamic banking as well as its coverage limits and types of eligible deposits accounts. It further highlights the concept of guarantee (kafalah) as well as liability of entrepreneur to loss and damage. It essentially elucidates on the similarities and dissimilarities between conventional and Islamic deposit insurance, and deposits accounts operations of conventional and Islamic banking. Hence, it examines and analyses the principles of conventional and Islamic deposit insurance in term of concepts and operations. Finally, it provides suggestions for alternative Islamic banking deposit insurance to the...
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