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A Community Guide to Social Impact Assessment

Автор: Rabel J. Burdge
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ISBN: 0941042170
The Guide is a tool for practitioners at all levels ?social scientists, agency employees, community leaders, volunteers?to complete social impact assessments (SIA?s) efficiently and effectively. The Guide is a how-to manual that provides the users with a step-by-step process easily followed by persons with minimal social science training. The Guide is organized into three sections: ? Chapters 1-6 provides the background, a short history, the conceptual model, the SIA scoping process and an explanation as to how to obtain data to measure SIA variables. ? Chapters 7-11 correspond to the five categories of SIA variables--population change, community and institutional arrangements, communities in transition, individual and family impacts and community infrastructure needs. ? Chapters 12-13 provide worksheets for summarizing SIA variables, and how resulting data may be used in the SIA mitigation/enhancement process.
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