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A Communications Guide for Sustainable Development: How Interested Parties Become Partners

Автор: Gretchen Hund, Jill Engel-Cox, Kim Fowler
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 157477140, 157477140X, 157477140X
This guidebook is designed to assist industrial facility managers and their staff in designing and managing their communications and stakeholder involvement programs. It describes a step-by-step approach, provides case studies, and presents tools for managers to consider. Facility mangers interested in meeting the new ISO 14001 environmental management communications standards will find this book especially valuable. Industrial facility managers are increasingly required to reach out to engaged stakeholders. Using a scenario approach, the book guides the reader through the communication process. It is appropriate for managers who are just beginning to create a communications and/or stakeholder involvement plan, plus those with an existing program butare looking to expand, upgrade, or modify their facilities or processes. A Communications Guide helps the reader answer the following questions and provides a step-by-step process for communicating with and involving stakeholders:...
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