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A Chance Encounter

Автор: John Clark
Год: 2014
Издание: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 416
ISBN: 9781628571028
France, July 1918. Nineteen-year-old Roland Massey, fresh out of grammar school, has been conscripted into the British Army and sent to the Western Front. His over-riding aim is to see out the remainder of the war and return unscathed to the comfortable middle-class life he left behind in Cheshire. Following a battle near Rheims, he is given temporary charge of Paul Sondheim, a captured German soldier. Their brief conversation results in a reunion after the war ... and Roland's introduction to Paul's sister, the beautiful Stefanie Sondheim. A Chance Encounter is a tale of friendship, romance, and betrayal set in the turbulent period between the closing months of the First World War and the early years of the Nazi dictatorship. It is a time of momentous social and political change in Germany, a time when those who dare to speak out, run the risk of imprisonment or worse. As Paul and Steffi are drawn into situations that have the potential to endanger their lives, can Roland intervene...
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