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A Beautiful Boy: One Family?s Struggle With Autism and Faith

Автор: Barry R., II Hanson
Год: 2003
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 74
ISBN: 1413702104
Book DescriptionTranscending Autism, A Beautiful Boy confronts, with riveting and candid poignancy, the struggle of pain and suffering every person will experience at some point in life. With an explicit, behind-the-scenes look at personal tragedy, page by page you will walk in the footsteps of one family?s personal ?path of pain,? feeling their joy and anguish each step of the way. In a unique and mesmerizing account, the author, Reverend Barry R. Hanson II, relays his intimate fight of faith in the fiercest battle of the ages, knowing ?Why?? Ultimately he arrives at a passionate and practical revelation in understanding how to overcome the physical and emotional mountain of disease and despair. You will discover new hope and courage as you read, and faith will fill your heart as you realize you do not struggle alone.
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