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50 Homemade Soup Recipes: Plus Bonus: Tips for Making Homemade Soup

Автор: M. Smith, R. King
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 114
ISBN: 1475046901
About this CookBook: This is the paperback version of the popular Cookbook on Kindle, "50 Homemade Soup Recipes " written by the: M.Smith & R.King - Edited by SMGC Publishing This book is about cooking a??Perfecta?? Homemade Soup Everytime. It includes the a??Hand Picked Collectiona?? of 50 of the most delicious Soup Recipes ever made. Inside you'll get our free a??Tips for Making Homemade Soupa?? that will give you the cooking tips you need to make the delicious soup for every occasion. This cookbook also includes information on our famous a??CopyCat Restaurant Recipesa??. Note: This book has been edited and formatted for easy reading... Table of Contents: Tips for Making Homemade Soup Almond Spinach Lentil Soup Avocado Tarragon Soup Beefed Up Cabbage Soup Beefy Bean Chick Pea Soup Broiled Potato Ham Soup Buttery Smooth Squash Soup Cheesy Ham Red Potato Soup Chicken Thigh Vegetable Rice Soup Chunky Potato Corn Soup Corn Pepper Sweet Potato Soup Cream of...
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