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40 years of PTSD because of idiots like RCMP staff sgt John Thomas Randle: and Squamish librarian Sanfu Chen?

Автор: Terry Mallenby
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 600
ISBN: 1480110507
The RCMP doesna??t like that the author has SUCCESSFULLY SUED them in Federal Court for the bull-shit they have pulled!! So what have they done, gotten another stooge [Sanfu Chen] to put some more bull-shit about the author out there a?? this time that he was an unwilling witness which is what the RCMP [through the Crown] told the Coroner!!! What was the purpose of spreading this 1976 false Squamish newspaper article some 40 years later that the author was a supposed a??unwilling witnessa????? In fact that newspaper doesna??t even exist now: a??The company that owned the paper doesn't exist anymore so while the library has verbal permission to use the archives of the Squamish Times there is no formal document making it clear so an application is in front of the copyright board seeking formal acknowledgement that the library can publish the newspaper archive online, says Chen.a?? There was no purpose except to spread these false RCMP statement against him again a?? because he had...
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