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365 Glorious Nights of Love and Romance : Fully Celebrating the Passionate, Confident, and Sexy Woman Within You

Автор: Patrika Darbo
Год: 2003

Страниц: 256
ISBN: 0060517204
Book Description"I've learned never to let momentary fear stand in my way. There are no excuses. I've learned that power is sexy. So is confidence in yourself." -- Patrika Darbo Patrika Darbo, the popular star of Days of Our Lives -- dubbed the "full-figured bitch goddess" of daytime television by TV Guide -- breaks the size barrier and shatters the stereotype that heavy people are doomed to lead unhappy lives. Telling the honest, inspiring story of her life, she shows that, no matter who you are or what size you're not, you can be beautiful, confident, and sexy. "In a world of underfed actresses, Patrika Darbo does a great service to women of every size."
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