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30 Doses of Marketing Success: A month's worth of tips from a "Marketing Doctor"

Автор: Jim Karrh Ph.D.
Год: 2011

Страниц: 98
ISBN: 1456316346
If everyone already knows that a business needs customers to survive, and if everyone already knows that marketing is the key function for finding, keeping and serving customers profitably…then why is there so much confusion and poor practice around marketing? The answer is twofold. First, many know-it-alls (bosses, gurus, teachers, trainers and even authors) focus their prescriptions on a relatively narrow area of understanding. But marketing involves wide-ranging skills sets and activities including research, strategic thinking, creativity, communication, forecasting, project management and business intuition. In order to make marketing work for your organization, you need a sense of the big picture. At the same time, too much of the advice out there is needlessly convoluted. Marketing is difficult enough without the complication of hyperbole, fads and buzzwords. Can’t we all just have a real business-level conversation here? 30 Doses for Marketing Success provides...
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