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25 Ways To Make College Pay Off

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 2011
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 256
ISBN: 9780814474563
In the next few years, parents can expect to spend more than $40,000 per year on their child’s college tuition. While that number may seem frightening, it is not as grim as the statistics that predict their child’s chances of actually finding a job after graduation. Only about 20% of employers believe college graduates are ready for the workforce, and only 40% of graduates will find a job that will ensure their financial independence. The good news is that with the right advice, parents can turn their pricey investment into one that truly yields a high return and a rewarding career for their son or daughter. Professor Coplin offers honest advice for parents who want their child’s college experience to ensure future success– both financially and emotionally. Parents will learn how to help their college-bound student: * develop skills employers actually want * get their first job * treat career services as their best ally * explore a variety of career paths ...
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