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21st Century Corporate Board

Автор: Ralph D. Ward
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0471156795
The Lowdown on the Hottest Trends in Corporate Goverance?A Complete Blueprint for Tomorrow?s Corporate Board Member Regulations, economics, shareholders, court battles?these factors have transformed the corporate board into a powerful, independent force in business. Now boardroom expert Ralph Ward deconstructs the "how and why" of this remarkable phenomenon, and offers a comprehensive, trenchant analysis of the tough issues which the 21st Century Corporate Board will bring to the table. You?ll find in-depth coverage of all of the leading topics in board makeup, pay, training, operations, and organization, including: How the "new directors" will change the corporate equation?women, inorities, entrepreneurs, executives belowthe CEO level, and others The move toward increased professionalism, including director certification, accountability, and more The hidden minefield of stakeholder concerns, from employees to local communities The pros and...
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